Gold Standard Institute USA Names Executive Director

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(Phoenix, Arizona) Feb. 17, 2014—Brian Smith has been named as Gold Standard Institute USA’s executive director.

The business development and sales professional volunteered to help last year, working with student campus clubs to educate the public about gold. Brian, who works with top companies in sales, training and marketing, managed Gold Standard Institute (GSI) events at FreedomFest 2013 in Las Vegas. His clients have included Mobil, Arrow and Sprint as well as global pharmaceutical and entertainment studios and firms.

“I am privileged to be taking this exciting new organization into the arena of public education,” he said. “The goal to inform people of all ages and types of work about why we should have a free market economy is urgent,” he said. “The freedom to earn and own gold as money appeals to most people.”

As executive director, Brian Smith will develop new educational strategies with founder Keith Weiner, who addressed this year’s Global Financial Summit in the Bahamas and writes about money and economics for Brian will cooperate with GSI’s partners and manage GSI’s activists and volunteers.

Besides previous volunteer work, Brian does design and development for a non-profit music and arts afterschool program. He previously ran inner city parks and recreation programs in Chicago and is active in business development and enterprise programs in Las Vegas. Brian studied general management and marketing at Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management. He earned his Master’s degree in managerial communication at Northwestern University.

“Brian possesses a keen understanding of the challenge we face and he brings a range of experience and knowledge,” GSI founder Keith Weiner said upon announcing his selection of Brian as the best candidate for GSI’s executive director position. “He has the business skills, background and insight for leading GSI to success. Brian will be a strong and dynamic force for justice in the crusade to enact gold as money.”

The Gold Standard Institute, based in Phoenix, Arizona, is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to spreading awareness and knowledge of gold, and to promoting the use of gold as money. The Gold Standard Institute USA serves the public and promotes the general welfare through dissemination of gold’s virtues. The Gold Standard Institute USA was founded in 2012 by economist and monetary scientist Keith Weiner. Visit for more information.


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