GSI founder and president Keith Weiner donates his time and money to GSI. He does not receive any compensation from GSI.

Keith Weiner is also a principal in an unrelated for-profit gold fund business, Monetary Metals, LLC. The two entities are separate and distinct and do not commingle assets, accounts or personnel (other than Keith himself).

Keith Weiner earned his PhD from the New Austrian School of Economics (NASE), which is not accredited. NASE was founded by Professor Antal Fekete, who previously taught mathematics at the University of Newfoundland and other accredited universities, as a forum in which he could teach his radical, new approach to monetary science. Professor Fekete is one of two examiners of Keith Weiner’s dissertation. The other is NASE faculty member Professor Juan Ramon Rallo, professor of economics at accredited King Juan Carlos University in Madrid.

All content on the GSI site is authored by Keith Weiner, unless otherwise indicated.